Essential Part of a Balanced Portfolio

Insurance is essential to any comprehensive financial security plan. It can protect you and your family from undue hardships and create many tax benefits.

Adding properly designed and structured insurance products as one of the legs in your financial table is critical. Insurance has been used by business owners and the Ultra Wealthy for years because of the predictability and contractual guarantees.

If the government LIMITS how much of something you can buy, it must be really good. If there was an absolutely ideal asset that had everything you wanted and nothing you didn’t want, a Cash Accumulator Maximizer with a Death Benefit Optimizer would be it.

The CAM insurance product is specially designed and structured to give you 11 of the 12 benefits of an ideal asset, now no investment tool is perfect but the proprietary and exclusive CAM is as close to ideal as you can get.

Compare these benefits of the properly designed Cash Accumulator insurance with your current asset:

  • Tax Free Distribution
  • No Contributions Limits
  • Collateral Opportunities
  • Safe Harbor
  • Guaranteed Loan Options
  • Liquidity, Use and Control


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