Why Us

Our mission at WHF is never losing our clients' money, even during market downturns.
We are passionate about helping people get control and use of their money, we are always seeking a better way and will do the same for each and every client.


About Us

We are dedicated to providing investment management and strategic wealth planning that is right for you. Simply put, we strive to be our client’s trusted advisor.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. To protect and grow your money. Our focus is to understand your goals and develop a plan to reach them. We will meet with you to present an analysis and discuss our recommendations.
Together, we implement the recommendations and monitor your progress.


Our Process

A strong planning process is the best way to create a more financially secure plan. It is crucial to create a financial plan that seeks to protect your needs now, and that plans for the future, in a tax efficient manner.

This is what we do.

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Our Services


Investments, Financial Planning

The investment strategies you chose play a key role in your financial security plan. Understanding the difference between savings and investing can help you achieve your goals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning today has taken on many new dimensions that never had to be considered by earlier generations. Incomes that have to last 30-40 years. We’re here to help.

Estate Planning

The key to estate planning is leaving a legacy. Knowing you’re providing for your family when you are no longer around. Whether it’s creating a tax free income stream or a lump sum, we can help.


Insurance is essential to any comprehensive financial security plan. It can protect you and your family from undue hardship and create many tax benefits.

Our Team